Peter Simon loved life, he loved his family & his friends and he loved the Island of Martha's Vineyard where he had lived for most of his life. He loved taking photos of people and sharing it with them. He loved publishing books that touched the soul of those who read them. He loved programming music and having people groove and move to it. He loved producing The Vineyard Calendar and how those who now relied on electronic devices to tell them what day it was and where they were to be, still faithfully bought them – for the beautiful photographs, but also for the continuity of a long-standing tradition.

Dearest Peter, you will be missed. First and foremost as a husband and a father. But, also as a loving brother, uncle, friend, and mentor to many. The world has lost a shining star, but your legacy lives on in all who have crossed your path and in all who see and read your incredible body of work.

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